2022 Spring BFD Highlights!

Live sales are a great way for small business owners to easily engage with their customers and bring them new products from just about anywhere. This month, Southern Grace had its third ever Boutique Flash Deal. During BFD, we showed off styles from our new collection and invited our customers to participate in some exclusive deals! Energies were running high that morning as our team hustled to get everything ready.

Our customers loved interacting with the girls and everyone was especially excited for the giveaways that were happening throughout the Lives. Peggy Powers, a dear customer of ours, was the big winner and walked away with a new Dyson Air Wrap! We recently got in touch with Peggy and were able to pick her brain a little on how her business came to be. 

Powers Mill Primitives was originally started in 2011 by Peggy’s husband, David. The Powers began by selling primitive pieces and home décor and later expanding into some apparel pieces. In 2017, after doing some research, Peggy's daughter, Sarah, signed Powers Mill Primitives up to be a part of our wholesale family. As Peggy would put it, “It was all up-hill from there!” Due to the popularity of the equestrian lifestyle in her area, Southern Grace’s variety of western styles have been a huge hit according to Peggy. 

In her free time, Peggy enjoys gardening and spending time with her 2 grandsons, Richie and Hayden. Peggy takes a very hands-on approach when running her business; working 6 days a week alongside Sarah. She works in the storefront and manages all of the shipping needs for her customers. Peggy is a superstar!

When asked what she thought of this year's BFD, Peggy had nothing but great feedback! She shared that the girls did a fantastic job showing a variety of what we had to offer and loved the “awesome deals!” “The girls were lively and energetic making it almost too easy to shop,” says Peggy. Her favorite styles from the collection were the dresses. We couldn't agree with her more, our dresses have been very popular!

Peggy likes to live by the motto: “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” The family is looking forward to their much deserved beach vacation that will be coming up soon! We wish Peggy and her family the very best as they work into expanding their business and hopefully getting to introduce children’s and men’s apparel to their inventory.

We are so blessed to have such a supportive group behind what we love to do at Southern Grace. We cannot wait for our next BFD event coming this Fall! We hope everyone can tune in and snag some amazing deals. Until then, Peggy, we hope you enjoy your Dyson Hair Wrap!