5 Reasons Why You Should Make Southern Grace your Wholesale Supplier!


Owning a boutique is an amazing accomplishment. We at southern grace know it is no easy feat to start and grow a business. 

With that in mind, we have built a wholesale shopping experience like no other for our clients. To make acquiring on-trend southern

clothing easy and cost-effective and the best option for your boutique. 

1. A Variety Of Styles 

We at Southern Grace offer a variety of styles. We carry five brands under our name. Within those brands, we have a variety of options

 to suit the needs of your customers. At Southern Grace, we believe the south is a way of life not, just a location on a map. We've made 

it so, our brand reflects the southern values, stories, and hearts of the people who wear our designs. We keep this in mind when 

designing so we can offer something to the casually preferred to the mom on the go or for those nights out on the town. We put a lot

 into our designs down to the style and thread, ensuring women feel their best when dressed in southern grace. 

2. Low Prices 

We offer your boutique the opportunity to buy jewelry, apparel, and gift items at cost. We run weekly sales. Some of these sale items 

can help to triple your profit at the time of sale. We run comment sold deals twice a week with a live sales representative to help you 

better understand the feel, quality, and sizing. Ensuring you get what is right for your boutique at the right price.

3. Easy to Reach 

We have multiple ways to shop with us. We offer virtual shopping experiences with a real sales representative. Who will take the time to sit 

down and talk to you about the products? We also offer in-store private showings if you are the type of person who likes to feel and hold 

items before buying. We have a Facebook community where we are always ready to answer any questions or address any concerns. You 

can also shop with us online on a laptop or through your phone on our app. We have a team of people ready to help you at any stage. 

4.We Offer Choices


For each of our products, we try to offer choices to help fit your customer's needs. If you love a pair of earrings but, you know your 

customers are not too big on a particular color. Rest assured we offer the same pair of earrings in a variety of color options ensuring 

you get exactly what you need for your boutique. 


5. Sizing Selection 

At Southern Grace, We provide every woman a way to share her heart and feel her best by offering high-quality apparel and accessories.

We offer true sizing with modern comfort. Our designs keep comfort in mind. When shopping with us we offer digital sizing charts, or we

have a sales representative ready to help you navigate when sizing buying. We also offer open packs so you only need to buy what works

for your boutique. Helping you avoid leftover stock once the season is finished. 

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